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To all of you who enjoy my Wine. Know that it was made with Love!

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                                                                              HELLO FRIENDS! 

My name is Jessica and I am YOUR Local Wine Maker.

I started this company in Oct of 2014. I have a passion for growing my own Fruits in our orchard & competing with my Dads growing abilities of course : )  My love of fresh locally grown fruit combined with my love of sweet treats turned into the bottles of Wine that you enjoy while making memories with your Friends & Families. THAT gives my heart Great Joy! 

Know that, My Wine was produced by My hands with much Love and Soul! Every Single Batch is a Small Artisan Crafted Love affair that cant be duplicated. No two batches will ever be the same! I Pray that God Blesses Me & each and every one of my Batches of Wine. I appreciate all of you whom I meet in my trail of Life! I'm incredibly Thankful to live the Life I do of Loving, Giving and Creating.                      j Reed